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Taking the Agate trend to elevated heights. With an industrial setting along with an extra large neutral-hued stone, this piece is extremely modern and futuristic. We hand pick all of our Agates. We do not place orders with Agate wholesalers without seeing every single Agate. That is what makes our Agate pieces more luxe than other designer's Agate pieces. We also offer our customers their choice of Agate. Our Agate pieces are truly one of a kind. - Robin Basile

Extra large neutral agate set in metal of your choice. Rivet accents. Designer stamp and Metalsmith engraved signature and date detail at interior. Lobster claw clasp. Adjustable. Drop 5". Height of hinged Embellishment 5". Width of hinged Embellishment 5.5". This piece is made from natural materials and as such may have some irregularities. After your order is placed you will be contacted for a fitting consultation and a delivery time.

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