Mr. Beezo Necklace

Price: $3,750.00

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The King of monster fashion. Mr. Beezo. Talk about a statement necklace. "The Beez" is a real attention grabber. A collector's item without question. Mr. Beezo is not just a necklace, he's a real companion. He fits in no matter where you go. ~ Robin Basile

Mixed metals. 24K gold over stainless steel and highly polished stainless steel. 60 of our traditional hand-made spikes in his eyebrows. Blue highest grade cubic zirconias in his eyes. 76 hand-set highest grade pave red cubic zirconias in his lips. His grill is packed with highest grade hand-set pave yellow and white cubic zirconias. Stainless steel embellishments. Human hair. After your order is placed you will be contacted for a fitting consultation and a delivery time.

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